3 Tips For Growing Vegetables in Winter

   Maintaining a garden throughout the winter can be difficult to downright impossible. In a good majority of the world winters can bring freezing temperatures and snowy conditions, both of which are devastating to the majority of common garden plants. However, not all is lost! There are a few ways you can continue growing fresh vegetables, herbs, and other easy to grow plants right through the cold months. Introducing - Controlled Environment Agriculture! (CEA)

   For those who may not be aware of what a hydroponic gardening system is or does, it uses water and water soluble plant food to supply plants with nutrients that would normally be provided through soil. These systems can be fully climate controlled to match the needs of any plant! CEA Hydroponic gardens are often set up in the home with specialized lights to replace sunlight and air conditioning systems to keep the air fresh and climate right . This allows the gardener to grow anything even during the harshest of outdoor conditions! And all without needing an expensive standalone greenhouse or hot house.

      Generally more compact than any outdoor food growing methods, most hydroponic gardens can grow up to 5x the amount of food per square foot. If you are looking for a compact but productive food garden, a CEA hydroponic solution in home will be the cheapest, most consistent, and safest way to do so all year.

Below are various methods you can employ to successfully grow a garden during the winter.


Greenhouses are see through structures that are able to provide a protective environment for growing plants in harsh climates. When properly set up, a greenhouse can prevent unwanted visitors (such as deer, bugs, or subterranean rodents) from destroying your garden and ruining all the effort you put into your plants. Greenhouses are usually climate controlled to allow for a wide range of plants and climate variations, something that can’t be done via a traditional exposed garden setup. If you are looking for a good way to grow a lot of food a lot of the year, these are a great option! The few downsides being cost, maintenance, and the need for a larger yard space.

Green House

Green House


Outdoor Gardens

Obviously not everyone lives in a region that experiences snow or sub-freezing temperatures. In fact, for some areas of the world winter can actually provide much needed rain to nourish plants! If you don’t need to worry over the threat of snow or frost, an outdoor garden can still be a great year round solution! A great way to start a traditional garden is to plant everything inside a solid walled, often raised bed with good quality potting soil. A good raised bed with wire fencing can protect your plants by keeping out pesky critters and giving your plants a nice fertile root zone.

Outdoor Garden

Outdoor Garden



We can’t get enough of hydroponics! Hydroponic systems are incredibly versatile, and come in many shapes and sizes. Advanced hydroponic setups can be thoroughly controlled for light levels, artificial day and night cycles, nutrient solution levels, even temperature and humidity. The ability to control so many aspects of your garden with such ease makes hydroponics one of the most popular methods of indoor gardening, and certainly the most hands off!   

Oasis uses Hydroponics to grow any herb or vegetable with ease.

Oasis uses Hydroponics to grow any herb or vegetable with ease.


Growing a garden all year can bring so much more than just fresh food. From the process of caring for the plants, to the promise of fresh herbs and spices to cook with all year, to the sheer joy of feeling that connection to nature, it is truly one of the most meditative things you can do!

Fortunately, it’s possible to maintain a garden all year no matter where you live. Those who enjoy the art of cooking know the value of fresh ingredients and how they can seriously improve a dish’s flavor profile. We hope you feel inspired to get your own garden started soon!

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Derek Beuerman