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Oasis is the ultimate gardening companion! With multiple ways to grow, an easy to use Grow App which controls all aspects of plant growth, and beautiful white and wood exterior finish options, growing your greens has never been more fun! Whether you are a chef, a home grower, or an apartment dweller, Oasis is the smart garden for you.



  • 16" x 16" x 34"

  • Fully automated & climate controlled

  • App connected for remote control and monitoring

  • Modular attachments for expanded capabilities

  • Built in camera for remote viewing

  • Inter-lighting for consistent canopy light coverage

  •  2+ feet grow of height

  • Carbon filtration for odor control

Smart Garden Oasis Tech Specification
Does Oasis use any GMO products?
No, Aeroasis is proud to say we will never sell GMO seeds, promote the use of GM foods, or use Oasis for GM research.
What kind of matainance is required?
Oasis is incredibly easy to maintain! With less than a few hours a month you can keep a culinary grade garden thriving. Never worry about getting your hands dirty or going out in bad weather again, Oasis has you covered
Are there any recurring costs?
Aeroasis will offer a subscription based consumables package, which will keep you stocked with the latest and greatest growing accessories and nutrients year round! Never leave your house for gardening supplies again.
What kind of plants does Oasis grow?
Oasis can grow anything from microgreens to lettuce to tomatoes and beyond! We have even successfully grown small watermelon varieties in testing! The only limit is the height of the unit. If you want to grow it, Oasis will make it happen!