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Our Story

Aeroasis is a Santa Cruz and New York based IoT startup revolutionizing the way people grow food and medicine for personal consumption. Founded in early 2015 by Thomas Wollenberger, the Aeroasis mission from day 1 has been to empower people to grow in new ways at home, work, school, and beyond! With advanced in-house R&D capabilities, Aeroasis has been at the forefront of the hydroponic smart garden movement for over 3 years, and continues to design new and exciting ways to grow indoors!

Aeroasis is a registered Public Benefit Corporation, and is committed to reaching community impact goals yearly. Learn more below!



Aeroasis puts education at the heart of every product, initiative, and campaign we will ever launch. With so many pressing global issues surrounding sustainable food production, we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to learn more about the benefits of Controlled Environment Agriculture and the food systems that affect us every day. 


Our Community

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Meet our team


Each and every person working with Aeroasis is passionate about what they do every day, and continually strives to learn more about why growing food matters to the people around them. Get to know us below!


Core Team


Thomas Wollenberger | CEO/Founder

Kathleen Dougherty | Acting CFO

Bill Turner | Manufacturing Lead

Megan Swanby | Software / Education Lead

Ashwin Chidambaram | Data Lead & Acting COO

Parv Rustogi | UX & Industrial Designer

Jack Capp | Hardware Solutions Lead


Andrew Vu | Mechanical Engineering Intern

Christian Zbylut | Co-Founder

ZFO | Investor

DTFO | Investor


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