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The plug & play smart garden that grows anything.


 Empowering you to grow & connect to high quality greens at the source: where you live & eat.


Why choose a smart garden?

Smart gardening delivers the most accessible gardening experience for anyone. Using IoT driven hydroponic technology and the latest best practices in Ag, our smart gardens deliver the highest quality harvests for the least amount of effort and experience.

Seasonal plants, weeding, watering, and pest control are all things of the past! We are here to help you grow.

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Easy gardening at your fingertips

Bring a full indoor growing environment into your home or business. Aeroasis is developing growing recipes for almost any way you might want to grow!


Grow All Year

With our smart gardens, you can keep on growing right through the winter months. Take the guesswork and climate constraints out of gardening forever. Seasonal gardens are a thing of the past! 


App Controlled

Control, monitor, and learn about your plants as you go about your day! The Aeroasis App will be available from the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

After every harvest, easily download and share time-lapses of your grow to your friends and social media accounts! They wont believe how much you grew!


What growing with Oasis means for you?






Less water Used


Faster Plant Growth



Less fertilizers Needed


Harvests per year



Ways To Grow


Grow your way with Aeroasis